Public Service

Quest Hotels, its founder and team are strong supporters of public service ethos and work actively to support local and national charities, in particular dealing with homelessness and employment training issues. Over the past several years the company has been both financial supporters and active working partners with two charities - the locally based Shelter From the Storm ( and the national homeless advancement organisation CRISIS (

Currently Quest is in discussions with the board of homeless charity CRISIS to develop and operate a bespoke training hotel on a not-for-profit basis. This would be constructed and managed by Quest in co-operation with CRISIS on a similar basis as their Skylight Cafe scheme. It is expected an agreement in principle between the two organisations will be announced shortly. The company has identified an urban brownfield site for the project near to the London headquarters of CRISIS and agreed in principle to acquire a medium-term leasehold interest on the land in advance of the project.

Funding for the training hotel project will be arranged by Quest Hotels, under endorsement from CRISIS. Quest founder, Kurt R. Bredenbeck, is working to create a new and unique mix of ethical-based capital funding within a Not for Profit Special Purpose Vehicle.  The new entity will focus on training and advancement for the disadvantaged and recently homeless members of the local community.

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