The Hoxton

The Hoxton Hotel (www.thehoxtonhotel) opened in September 2006 after several years in planning and development. The Hoxton was founded and created by hotel entrepreneur Kurt Bredenbeck through Quest Hotels Limited as the concept, development and funding vehicle, and is based upon the new ‘luxury-budget’ product idea devised by Bredenbeck specifically for this project.

The Hoxton is very much Kurt’s concept and creation. The hotel has 205 bedrooms and was custom-designed and built from scratch for approximately £18 million on what was previously a small industrial site and parking lot. For the project, Bredenbeck invented the now much publicized and copied concept of the ‘luxury-budget’ hotel. Bredenbeck’s innovative idea has now become the basis for an entirely new market segment within the international hotel industry.

To create the Hoxton, Kurt reviewed over 100 sites across London and put together offers on several before agreeing to acquire the Hoxton hotel site in October 2001, just one month after the 9/11 attacks, a time when most hotel companies were pulling out of their project commitments. Then, working with his team and advisors, Kurt developed a detailed series of business plans with long-term financial projections for the hotel, put together the development and funding budgets, wrote the design and development specifications, and identified and hired the team of professionals both in-house and external which designed, developed and opened the hotel - on time and under budget.

One of the most successful new hotel products to debut in London in over a decade, the Hoxton was immediately named by GQ magazine as one of the “100 Best Things in the World”, and won the accolade of a top place in Conde Nast Traveller’s Hot List of the best and coolest new hotels on the planet. The hotel operated at near 100% consistently and is generally considered to be the most successful and profitable hotel of its type in the United Kingdom.

With the founding of The Hoxton, Quest was named by online magazine Real Business ( one of '50 to Watch’:  ‘Targeted at the mid-market, Quest Hotels cream business away from Holiday Inns and Travelodges by providing a superior service, at a tiny premium. Kurt Bredenbeck helped to make boutique hotel One Aldwych a success. Quest’s hotels are “individually branded intelligently upholstered, and doubtless hugely profitable”’.

Hoxton Lobby