Development & Financing of The Hoxton Hotel

Quest Hotels was initially formed by Kurt Bredenbeck as a vehicle to build and operate the unique ‘luxury-budget’ hotel concept that Bredenbeck devised for the Hoxton Hotel project.  As part of the development process Quest put together a superb team of experienced industry professionals to gain planning permission for the 205 bedroom new build structure and to achieve the design and construction of the hotel on time and under its agreed budget.  

Planning Architects & Advisors:  Waugh Thistleton (

Specialist Hotel Architects & Advisors:  RHWL (

Interior Layouts and Concept Design :  Branson Coates (

Quantity Surveyors and PM Advisors:  Davis Langdon (

Building Contractors: Bowmer and Kirkland  (

Quest Hotels completed funding for the project in April 2004, raising a total of £18.4 million in debt and venture capital funding through a syndicate of investors led by Bridges Venture Capital. The Hoxton Hotel was owned and operated through a special purpose asset vehicle in which Quest's principal Kurt Bredenbeck remained one of the largest individual shareholders.  In June 2012 The Hoxton was sold at a trophy price by Mr Bredenbeck and his investors.